Please click the appropriate category listed under GALLERY to view my paintings.    Just click on the thumbnail in order to get a full size view.

If you wish to purchase any of my paintings please email me, with your name, email address and a contact telephone number.  I will then let you know the cost of postage etc. and method of payment.

I paint to commission both Pet Portraits and Portraits of yourself or your favourite person.  Please contact me for details.  Below is a portrait of a young boy which I have recently done as a commission.

I also welcome any comments on my work or website.


5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. What a beautiful website, Jen, and all so easy to read. It was very interesting to hear about how you started drawing and painting and to see all the various media you use in your Gallery.

    Molly loves it too and says “Congratulations, my special Dogmother!”

  2. Amazing Jenifer enjoyed finding my way around the site, quite easy really. Eric would be proud of you. The paintings are very easy on the eye.
    See you soon perhaps.

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