Jeni, (Jenifer Hurlock) is a textile artist, painter and printmaker living in Hertfordshire UK. She works from home in her garden studio which is open to the public at least once a year. Look out for notifications of the next Open Studio or Exhibition.   

 It has been said that all artists are mad.  It is my belief that there is no such thing as a mad person – we are just “independent thinkers”.  People who live and think outside the box.

Eric, my late husband was an independent thinker.  He was a Scientist, a Zoologist specialising in entomology,  and I have dedicated my Website to him for all the encouragement he gave me.

Artists and Scientists are very much alike.  We both question and will never just accept what is there.  We observe.  Both scientists and artists will start with nothing and come up with something of interest.

I saw  both “Mr. Turner” and “A Theory of Everything” at the cinema some time ago.  The first film about the artist JMW Turner, the other about the scientist Stephen Hawkins.  Each of these characters made an impact by their free thinking and anarchic outlook, and I was fascinated by the similarities.  Neither followed convention or “stuck to the norm”.  That is how our wonderful world exists, how boring it would be if we were all the same.  There would be nothing new and no excitement.

I love life, living and the world about me.  My work is about the joy of living and the natural things which make everyone happy.  I don’t do static man-made objects or still life which form a material world.   The world around us is full of beauty and intrigue.  Nature draws a mask over the damage and atrocities that man has introduced, it has its own set of rules and all have a purpose in perpetuating existence.  Man is too small to overcome nature – it is this belief that inspires me in my work.   I like to paint with a vibrancy and energy and my most recent paintings are about movement and life.

Jeni trained at the University of Hertfordshire in Art & Design, specialising in textiles and printmaking and later gained a diploma in Textiles with the Open College of the Arts.

Born into an artistic family,  her grandfather was an artist and a master tailor and her mother a Court dressmaker who influenced the textile side of her art.

A lot of her early work was strongly influenced by the relationship between art and science, a subject which is still dear to her heart. This led to the publication of an article about her work in the August/September issue of Workbox magazine. Also a feature published in April 1996 edition of Artists & Illustrators magazine, on the subject of “Art and Science”. She has written several art book reviews and more recently had her work published in Hertfordshire Life and various other newspapers and periodicals. She exhibits throughout England, has work in several collections abroad (Canada, Rwanda, USA, Denmark) and also paints to Commission, her Pet portraits being favourites with a lot of people.


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